Micro-pigmentation Is The Solution

Micro-pigmentation Is The Solution

Micro-pigmentation Is The Solution

The definitive eyebrow or micro-pigmentation is a filling method that is successful not only by correcting glitches, but also by the natural appearance it offers the wires, especially when we talk about the wire-to-wire method. However, before you undergo this procedure you need to be aware of some details that seem simple, but they are fundamental for the result to be satisfactory.

How is micropigmentation done?

The technique is performed by the apparatus having a needle at its end. Through it happens the application of antiallergic pigment based on glycerin in the skin. Do not panic!! At first, the color may become darker, but this is alleviated by peeling of the dermis – which occurs a few days after the session. After that, you need to do a retouch to correct any glitches. The FINAL result, with the ideal coloration, appears after approximately one month!

Who can do it?

The technique is great for anyone who has flaws, scars or little or no hair in the region. The ideal is to do it with a specialized professional, who must measure the face to define the most suitable format for each person. Just like a tattoo, the person can see the design on the face before the needle comes into action, to approve it or require changes. Although it is a relatively simple procedure, it is not indicated for those who have uncontrolled diabetes and for people who use pacemakers.

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